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Library Book Club

Information about the NCMC Library Book Club

Welcome to the NCMC Library Book Club

The NCMC Library Book Club exists to foster reading and conversation.

It is an informal group that usually meets on the second Thursday of the month in the Library TEAL Lab, Noon-1pm. It is open to all and welcomes interested staff, faculty, students and community members to participate. There are no membership requirements. The Book Club espouses these principles:

  • All ideas and perspectives are welcomed and valued.
  • It is okay to disagree! Do it respectfully!
  • Due to COVID-19 regulations, drinks can no longer be provided at this time. 
  • Stay on topic. Keep your comments focused on the book. Relevant information is welcome, but avoid bunny trails. 

Additional resources-

Facilitator's Handy Guide
How to have a successful Book Club